The institution does not have the right to announce the date of the elections: Bilawal – Pakistan GeoTv News


Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Tuesday that neither he nor the institution has the right to announce a date for holding the next general elections.

“No one other than the Election Commission of Pakistan has the right to announce the date of the elections,” the former foreign minister said while speaking to the media today.

This comes a day after Bilawal once again demanded immediate announcement of the election date.

He said the current interim government has limited space to act, especially on foreign affairs. He asked the European Commission to determine the date and timetable for the elections.

He said that the issue of forming “alliances” with other political parties could not be raised until after the election date was announced.

He also stressed that once the election schedule is announced, the party can begin its election campaign.

Meanwhile, during today’s press conference, the PPP leader said that the party would welcome Nawaz Sharif upon his return. According to PML-N leader Shehbaz Sharif, his brother will return to Pakistan on October 21.

Bilawal intensifies pressure on ECP


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