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The sky did not fall nor did the earth split, the brother killed his sister by strangling her in front of the father

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Toba Tek Singh (ABN News) The blood turned white, his brother strangled his sister to death in the presence of his parents, and the brother killed the helpless sister. While doing this, the younger brother made a video and handed it over to the police and a case of murder has been registered under IPC 302 on the complaint of the younger brother and the investigation has started.

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The request for exhumation was given to the local magistrate, according to the details, Umm Maria Bibi, aged 22, was strangled to death. And the family continued to watch the show, the younger brother of the murdered girl filed an application in the police station that the applicant lives in Chak No. 477 JB Tehsil and District Toba Tek Singh and does hard work. according to the applicant, he was in his room with his wife and children. He was sleeping when he heard the screams of his sister Maria Bibi, upon which he came out of the room and saw that his father and brother had tied the sister by the cot and a pillow was also forcefully placed on her face Umm Maria Bibi died on the spot due to suffocation. After the incident, father and brother fled the scene and threatened me if I tell anyone , I will kill you and your children.
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Denge I told the application that I had told the whole incident to some elders in the area and my father and brother confessed after all for a while. The petitioner requested that the grave of the sister Umm Maria Bibi be exhumed and given medical treatment and take legal action against the accused The police have registered a case and started investigating the incident. In the heartbreaking video, the man can be seen strangling the sister, with other family members including the victim’s sister-in-law witnessing the murder. After the murder, the accused and the victim
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The father of the two had also given water to the accused. In the meantime, the police have arrested the two main accused and registered a case. According to the police spokesperson, Maria, aged 22, was strangled to death by her brother and her father. Maria was murdered on the night between March 17 and 18. After killing the woman, the family buried her quietly, and the reasons for this horrible murder are not yet known. An investigation has been initiated by registering a case under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code. According to the DPO Toba Tek Singh, when the footage came to light, the police took action, and the accused strangled the girl to death.

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yesterday the girl’s body was exhumed and a postmortem was done, 4 people were present in the house, a case has been registered against 3 people, the girl’s father and son have been named in the case, Toba Tek Singh. an incident happened, when the footage came to the public, the police took action, the brother and the father killed the sister, the postmortem of the body was done, the 2 main accused who were involved in the incident were arrested, the accused killed the girl by strangulation and buried her quietly. Yesterday, the girl’s body was taken out and a postmortem was done, 4 people were present in the house, a case has been registered against 3 people, the father and brother of the daughter named in the case.

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