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Venezuela is the first country in modern times to lose all its glaciers

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Caracas: The South American country of Venezuela is about to become the first country in modern history to lose all its glaciers. Climate scientists say that the remaining glaciers in the country have become ice fields only to form an ice field. Humboldt Glacier is the last glacier in Venezuela. At least five of the country’s glaciers have melted in the last century due to climate change Many glaciologists say that the snow in the Sierra Nevada National Park in Venezuela is too small to be considered a glacier, but according to the United States Geological Survey States, an area of ​​10 hectares (24.71 acres) is common At the beginning of the 20th century, Venezuela had six glaciers covering an area of ​​999.7 square kilometers. In this area, Humboldt is spread up to 450 hectares, but according to researchers, this glacier has been reduced to two hectares by melting A study carried out in 2020 indicated that 98 percent of the glacier has shrinking between 1952 and 2019.

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