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Water in 58 areas in Peshawar has been declared polluted and unsafe

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Millions of individuals across 29 major cities in Pakistan, including Peshawar, are compelled to consume unsafe and contaminated water, according to recent findings. The Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) has disclosed that drinking water in these cities contains arsenic, iron, fluoride, and various bacteria, posing significant health risks.

Exposure to arsenic in water below safe levels can lead to severe health complications, including an increased risk of skin cancer. The report, presented in Parliament by the Pakistan Water Resources Research Council, underscores the widespread contamination of drinking water sources in the country.

The pollution rates in various cities are alarming, with Multan topping the list at 94%, followed by Badin at 92%, and Sargodha at 83%. Official data indicates that 76% of groundwater in Bahawalpur is also tainted.

In other cities, the contamination rates are as follows: 67% in Sukkur, 70% in Muzaffarabad, 63% in Quetta, 59% in Faisalabad, 58% in Peshawar, and 54% in Khuzdar, Abbottabad, and Sheikhupura. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are recorded at 38%, Lahore at 31%, and Gujranwala at 45%.

These findings highlight the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address water pollution and ensure access to safe drinking water for all citizens.

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