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Water supply in Karachi has been stopped for 24 hours

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Karachi Water Corporation has announced suspension of water supply to various areas of Dhabiji Pumping Station for 24 hours.

According to a Water Corporation spokesperson, water supply will be suspended in various areas for 24 hours due to annual maintenance work by K Electric and leak repair by Water Corporation at the Dhabiji Pumping Station in Karachi.

The Water Corporation has instructed the public to use water carefully during this period.

Where has the spokesperson for the Water Corporation gone in the statement that Kelectric maintenance work will continue on April 29 and 30 between 11 am and 7 pm.

According to the spokesperson, due to maintenance work, power supply will be partially shut down in various feeders at the Dhabiji Pumping Station.

The spokesperson said that the city will face a total water shortage of 165 MGD due to the maintenance work by KElectric.

According to the spokesperson, during the closure, leaks will be repaired by the Water Corporation on the 84-inch PRCC phase one siphon in front of Sparco, Dow Hospital, Kiran Hospital and Karachi University.

According to Tarjaman Water Corporation, the total duration of the shutdown will be 48 hours, during which water supply will be temporarily suspended in Jamshed Town, Gulshan, Clifton, Lyari, Old Sadar Area, Lalu Khet and Nazimabad.

The Water Corporation Spokesman has appealed to the public to store municipal water and use it carefully to avoid any problems.

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