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When the wedding was postponed, the groom cut off the bride’s head

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New Delhi (Newsdesk) When the wedding ceremony was postponed, the groom showed extreme animal behavior and took the head of his bride-to-be with him.

Weird news related to marriage in India continues to adorn the media day by day, but this time a very terrorist incident has made people cringe.

According to foreign media, this heartbreaking incident took place in a mountain town in India where a 32-year-old man named Prakash was to be married to a 16-year-old girl named Meena who had recently passed her matriculation exam.

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According to the report, Prakash arrived with a procession on the scheduled day, but after being informed of his intentions, the Child Welfare Department raided the venue at the right time and stopped the illegal ceremony.

The department officials ordered the family to stop the marriage because of the girl’s youth, or they could be booked under the Child Marriage Act.

This time, the family agreed to postpone the wedding until the girl was 18 and the procession returned empty-handed, but the groom in a frenzy entered the bride’s house a few hours later and cut off the girl’s head to away and take her with her. he went

Police said Prakash attacked the girl’s parents, after which he dragged Meena far from the house and beheaded her.

Police officials say that all means are being used to nab the accused while a case has been registered against him under provisions of murder, attempt to murder, sex crimes and child protection laws.

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