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When will meat from a factory be available to the public? –

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The time is not far when chickens or any other animals need to be slaughtered for meat, as meat produced in laboratories and factories will soon be available in markets and restaurants.

The ability to produce artificial meat will take the world to a point in a few years where there is no need to kill or kill animals for meat.

What does meat farming mean?

The British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, predicted in 1932 that humans would one day prepare chickens in a specific environment to eat parts of their bodies, the ‘breasts’ or ‘thighs’.

The US government has initially allowed two California companies to sell chicken meat, which is obtained meat indirectly from chickens without cutting their throats. The names of these companies are Upside Foods and Goodmeat. In their factories, meat is produced from chicken cells, which is similar in texture, ingredients and taste to real chicken. In scientific terms, this process is called growing flesh, because this flesh is produced in the same way as a plant germinates and grows when a seed is planted in the ground.

Is it just chicken?

More than 150 companies around the world are working on this and their experiments are not limited to chicken but experiments are being carried out to grow sheep meat, cattle and other animals in the laboratory. According to a foreign news agency, the American company ‘Eat’ has received permission to sell meat that is produced in its laboratory in Singapore.

What is the international demand for meat?

With an estimated 70 billion animals slaughtered each year for 7 billion people, global demand for meat continues to rise. By 2050, the world’s population will reach 9 billion, which is expected to further increase the demand for meat.

Experts say that it is necessary to discover and develop alternative methods of obtaining meat in view of the increasing food demands and the possible reduction in the number of animals. They see gene-based meat production as a positive step.

When will cell-derived meat be available?

It may take a few years for meat produced from chicken cells to reach homes. At the moment the meat will only be supplied to fast food outlets, as its supply is very limited, it will only be brought to grocery stores after its supply increases and public acceptance increases.

Will the public accept it?

According to analysts, despite all the successes, it cannot be said with certainty how soon the public will accept it.


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