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When Xaviar decided to become an actor, I cried while sitting on the namaz: Nauman Ejaz

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Actor Nauman Ejaz – file photo

A senior actor from the Pakistani showbiz industry, Nauman Ejaz, has revealed that he never wanted his children to join the showbiz industry.

Nauman Ejaz recently participated in a private television program where he had an interesting conversation about different aspects of his life.

“I have a degree in law and I worked as a lawyer for some time but I was going to be part of the showbiz industry, so I became an actor later,” he said.

The actor said that I try my best to keep my children away from the showbiz industry, to the extent that I never take any of my sons on the sets of any project and never invite any actor to my home.

He further said that despite all my efforts, if my son Xaviar were to join the showbiz industry, it means that his destiny is written.

Nauman Ejaz explained the reason for keeping his children away from the showbiz industry and said that I know there are many small hearted people working here, so being part of the showbiz industry is not an easy task, it’ n take a lot of courage.

He said swearing, when Xaviar told me I wanted to be an actor, I cried sitting on the prayer floor and raised my hands in front of Allah and said I never wanted my children to be in the showbiz industry Why did you put this idea in my son’s mind?

The actor concluded by saying that I never guided my son to enter the showbiz industry and I am also not an actor at home, I am an ordinary man who does all the household chores myself.

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