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YouTuber killed during live stream in South Korea

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Photo courtesy of Foreign Media

A YouTuber in South Korea was stabbed to death by a man during a live stream.

According to foreign media, the attacker was also a famous local YouTuber. A trial was organized on the victim’s complaints of assault and defamation, and both men had appeared in court for them.

According to reports, the two men had a dispute online and this dispute had been going on for several years and the accused attacked him with a knife.

According to the local police, the injured YouTuber was rushed to the hospital where he died while the attacker was arrested shortly after escaping.

According to foreign media, after the attack, the accused wrote in the community section of his channel that I apologize to my subscribers who supported me but I cannot forgive someone who tried to destroy other people’s happiness

The accused wrote that I will not make excuses, I take responsibility for my actions.

According to the police, the aggressive YouTuber carried out the attack with a plan, he had bought a knife for the purpose and hired a car to escape.

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