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A further reduction in the price of ground flour

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The price of flour produced by the mill has been reduced by Rs 5 per kg for the third consecutive day, the price per kg has come down from 165 to Rs. A total drop of 15 rupees per kg was seen in the price of ground flour in three days, according to the sources, due to the arrival of new wheat crop and the fall in wheat prices in the open market, a drop in. flour prices are seen.

On the other hand, Kisan Ittehad President Khalid Khokhar announced to start protest from Multan. Khalid Khokhar says that the protests will be started from May 10. They will perform the symbolic funeral prayers of agriculture.

Farmers lost 400 billion rupees because of low price, the government lost 150 billion rupees because they don’t sell wheat. We buy everything in black, those sitting above are not making the right decisions President Kisan Ittehad added that farmers have paid more than 150 billion rupees for urea, even today urea is being sold in black The crisis is the biggest problem of Pakistan, wheat import is the biggest scandal of wheat coming in December Punjab farmers can’t sleep, they spend the whole night crying.

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