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A new Cyber ​​Crime Authority has been created, separate from the FIA

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Web Desk: The federal government has separated cybercrime from FIA and made it a new authority.
According to the notification issued by the government, a new authority called National Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Agency (NCCIA) has been created for cyber crimes.
The notification stated that the investigative agency of the NCCIA established under Section 29 of the Act, the NCCIA, would exercise the powers conferred under the Act.
According to the notification, the FIA ​​will cease to function as an investigative agency designated under this Act, all personnel, cases, inquiry, investigation will be transferred from FIA to NCCIA.
The notice states that the government will appoint a Director General of NCCIA for a period of two years under the charge of the Ministry of Home Affairs, NCCIA will be the designated agency for international cooperation.
According to the notification, all crimes related to cybercrime will be referred to the National Cybercrime Investigation Agency, and all cases related to cybercrime will be registered and prosecuted by the NCCIA itself .
NCCIA will have its own police stations, officers will be given special training on cyber crimes.
According to the notification, NCCIA will investigate all matters related to social media and apps across the country.

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