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A person who makes millions a month from online fraud

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A new scam has emerged in China’s Zhejiang province where a man made huge money by increasing the number of viewers using thousands of smartphones.

According to local media reports, with the help of this new fraud, the man won 3 million yuan (four hundred and fifteen thousand dollars) in just a few months.

As soon as the authorities found out about the fraud, they arrested the man and fined him 50,000 yuan (7,000 dollars) and sent him to prison for 15 months.

The man, identified as Wang, started scamming online after experiencing a brush in 2022.

Brushing is a process to fake genuine activities on the internet and attract more users.

This method is mainly used in e-commerce business to fake orders.

Wang bought 4,600 smartphones and installed special software that allows him to operate all the phones simultaneously with just a few clicks on his computer.

The report quotes the suspect as saying that a phone only costs 6.65 yuan to operate a phone per day during the process.

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