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Arfi Javed shaved his head

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The new look of Arfi Javed, an Indian actress famous for wearing unique, strange and nude clothes, surprised everyone.

Indian actress and social media influencer Arfi Javed shared a picture of herself on photo and video sharing app Instagram where she has no hair on her head.

Looking at the photo, her original long hair can be clearly seen which has disappeared due to the filter and it appears as if the actress has shaved her head.

As soon as Arfi Javed’s picture went viral, there were a series of contradictory comments from the critics. Someone praised the actress’ new style, while someone criticized the editor. One user asked what you did to your hair, another user wrote that your editor is so bad because your hair looks so long.

Some users said that Ali Javed has installed a Snapchat filter, while others said that’s all that remains to be seen.

It should be noted that actress Arfi Javed has shown her acting skills in many television shows, but rose to the heights of fame after participating in Bigg Boss.

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