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Clearing operation completed on FWOka Karakoram highway

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The Islamabad Border Works Organization (Newsdesk) (FWO) has completed its clearance operation on the Karakoram Highway. Access has been restored to 56 important places closed due to landslides. Heavy rain has blocked the highway in these places, causing inconvenience to commuters.

Thousands of people were trapped by landslides on the Karakoram highway Landslides on Jaglot and Skardu roads affected the flow of traffic in 19 places. Landslides on the Jaglot to Skardu Raver-Tungash road have blocked movement, with boulders over 106 meters in size blocking the highway.

The FWO prompted a rapid response, using 87 controlled explosions over three days to clear debris and reopen the Karakoram Highway, a major artery. Their swift and coordinated efforts were critical in quickly restoring communications, ensuring the resumption of vital travel and trade along this vital lifeline.

A large number of vehicles and buses carrying thousands of passengers, including women and children, were stuck on both sides of these barricades. Due to the closure, stranded travelers are facing significant difficulties in obtaining food and shelter.

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