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Deepfake-based images, audio and videos could pose security risks, Kaspersky research continues

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Islamabad (Web Desk) According to Kaspersky research, deepfake creation tools and services are available in the darknet market. Offers creation of fake videos with the help of artificial intelligence. These services are used for various purposes, including fraud, blackmail, and theft of confidential data. According to Kaspersky experts, a deep fake video can be purchased for less than US$300 per minute.

The widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies in recent years provides cybercriminals with sophisticated tools to carry out their attacks. One of them is pseudo-deep, which includes speech reproductions or human-like pictures of people. Kaspersky warns that companies and consumers should be aware that deep faxing will become a bigger concern in the future.

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According to a recent digitization survey conducted by Kaspersky in the Meta region, including Pakistan, 51 percent of workers said they could tell a fake image from a real one. So we can tell the difference between the real image and the image created with the help of deepfake only 25% of the test result. This is a moment of concern about how employees in organizations can be targeted by deepfakes. For example, through a fake audio or video of a company’s chief executive officer, orders can be sent to transfer large sums of money to the officers involved, which can cause financial loss to the company. Likewise, on an individual level, people can be blackmailed through fake images, audio and videos as targets of fraud.

Kaspersky technical group manager Hafeez Rehman says, of course, the latest technology and deep fakes have not yet become very common, so we have increased the potential risks. We should note that fakes are not only a threat to businesses but can also target consumers on a personal level, causing financial loss as well as loss of character.

Kaspersky believes that with the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence solution, businesses can work to protect themselves. Along with this, it is important to create awareness at an individual level as well.

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