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Figures double in eight months, Pakistan’s mobile phone imports increased by 100%

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Islamabad (Zubair Kasuri) Along with the increase in the use of social media in Pakistan, the use of smart mobile phones has also increased by 100%.

According to the representatives of the mobile phone companies that manufacture mobile phones in Pakistan and according to government data, the import of mobile phones has increased by 100% in one year Mobile phones have been imported while mobile phones worth 447.8 million dollars last year imported.

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Sources have said that the figures have doubled in just eight months also employed and smartphones are made cheaper than all over the world in Pakistan

He has said that it is being reviewed along with the government to take steps to export mobile phones from Pakistan so that Pakistan also gets valuable foreign exchange According to government data, mobile phones in Pakistan Despite being made, iPhones and other accessories are smuggled in large numbers from abroad.

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