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Heavy rains wreaked havoc in Balochistan, damaging 132 houses

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The system that brought heavy rains in the Gulf countries, including the United Arab Emirates, also flooded Balochistan.

132 houses were damaged by the rain, several mud houses collapsed in Gwadar, Pasni, Ormara and Jeoni, settlements were submerged, water entered the houses, stormy winds also brought down solar panels, several villages were disconnected from the ground connection.

Rain also occurred in Central Balochistan including Kalat and Harnai, Chaman and other areas of North Balochistan also received heavy rain.

In the Para Chinar district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the stormy rains also brought down the mud houses, the Karam river also flooded, and the agricultural lands came under water.

Between today and tomorrow afternoon, there is a possibility of rain with thunder on Sindh coast, light rain is also forecast in Karachi today. According to experts, there may be 15 to 40 mm of rain.

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