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How much can a citizen who uses 300 units a month install the solar system? Good news

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ISLAMABAD (ABN News) Consumers in Pakistan are increasingly attracted towards solar power systems. The transfer of the entire cost of electricity to consumers in Pakistan under the agreement with the IMF has increased to more than seventy rupees per unit Installing a solar system is taken very seriously. but only three watts.

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The cost of panels in a system is less than 32%. of one and a half kilowatts or fifteen hundred watts solar system for LED lights costs 1 lakh 55,000 rupees, which was 2 lakh rupees last year The cost has come down from 1 lakh 9,000 rupees to 48,000 rupees, but the 185 rupees. ampere battery has increased 8,000 rupees to 43,000 while the rate of the inverter.

Due to shortage, 10,000 rupees has been increased to 45,000 rupees, while up to 20,000 rupees will be spent on wiring and labor by domestic consumers and there are signs that the share of solar in the country’s total generation is back. June 2024 will increase further.

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