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I wish Donald Trump would spray bleach, US President Joe Biden

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Washington (Daily Pakistan Online) US President Joe Biden has joked about former US President Donald Trump and said that he wishes Donald Trump would spray bleach.
According to a foreign news agency, the American president made this joke remembering a statement made by Donald Trump in the early days of the coronavirus epidemic In his speech, President Biden criticized his opponent, Donald Trump. He asked voters to keep in mind how bad things were during Donald Trump’s presidency.
President Biden pointed to Donald Trump’s statement in the early days of the Corona epidemic and said, ‘Remember when he said the best thing to do is inject a little bleach into your arm? That’s what he said. And that’s what it meant. I wish he had taken some bleach himself.’
In the early months of the pandemic in 2020, President Trump said that injecting disinfectants such as bleach or isopropyl alcohol into the human body could help protect against the virus.
President Biden derided Donald Trump’s communication with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as ‘love letters’ but mistakenly referred to Kim Jong-un as the president of South Korea.
President Trump met with Kim Jong-un and exchanged several letters with him, copies of which are kept in the Oval Office.
A spokesman for Trump’s presidential campaign did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment on President Biden’s comments.
President Biden has mocked Donald Trump’s bleach issue before. He said in Washington on April 24 that Trump sprayed himself with bleach and ‘it all went into his hair.’

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