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In any case, I will not allow the occupation of land, President

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An important meeting was held on the overall law and order situation in Sindh under the chairmanship of the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari.

Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari was briefed by Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on the law and order situation.

Murad Ali Shah said that the visit of the President of Iran to Karachi and his one-day stay, PSL and international cricket matches and the organization of religious events is proof of the improvement of law and order, keeping an eye on the law and order situation across the province in

In order to improve law and order, the law enforcement agencies are reviewed from time to time.

President Asif Ali Zardari was also briefed by DG Rangers and IG Police regarding eradication of street crime and operations against thugs.

The briefing paper stated that the number of crimes recorded during the first four months of this year was 5,357, which is 5,259 during the same period in 2023, with a reduction of 172 incidents.

In 2024, there were 10,757 cases on property disputes, while in 2023, their number was 9,782, which increased by 975 cases.

252.32 cases of street crime were reported in January, while 251.96 were reported in February.

In 48 cases of street crimes, 49 people lost their lives, 27 of these cases will be traced and 43 accused will be arrested while 13 accused have been killed in the encounter.

Similarly, in 136 cases where 174 people were injured, 49 of them were found and 114 accused were arrested and 9 were killed in encounters.

The Chief Minister of Sindh told the President that Karachi ranked sixth in the global crime index in 2014, which has fallen to 82nd position in 2024. In the global crime index, Chicago, America is ranked 39th with a crime index of 66.2.

Delhi ranks 74th with a crime index of 59.02, Tehran ranks 81st with a crime index of 59.02 and Karachi ranks 82nd with a crime index of 56.5.

In the rank and crime index of major cities of the world, there are more crimes than Karachi, while our city is very big in terms of population and area, Sindh Police has taken important steps to control street crime.

The Shaheen Police has been reactivated with 386 motorcycles deployed, the Police has been reconstituted at Mudgar 15 with an additional 168 vehicles and 120 motorcycles deployed.

E-tagging of habitual offenders (proposal for 4000 devices), Sindh Smart Surveillance System project for 40 toll plazas in Sindh with ANPR and facial recognition cameras installed.

On this occasion, President Asif Ali Zardari said that if there is street crime in other countries, there are reasons for that, there is no specific reason for street crime in Karachi, the police should know where cars and mobile phones are go after they were stolen.

President Asif Ali Zardari was also briefed on the operations in the raw areas, IG Sindh Police said that 107 police check points have been established on the left bank of the Indus River since February 2023. 609 people have been caught through honey traps Saved from kidnapping .

The State President directed the Sindh Chief Minister to establish police pickets on the right bank of the river to improve the situation in the raw area of ​​Shikarpur and Kashmore districts.

The meeting was told that 103 people had been abducted in the last 4 months from January to April 2024, 76 of those kidnapped were reported while 47 were not filed, the police managed to recover 103 of people kidnapped and while 20 people have been found.

The police killed 63, injured 120, arrested 418, recovered 469 weapons of various types during the operation against bandits during the said four months.

President Asif Zardari directed the Sindh Chief Minister to complete the Karachi Safe City project on war footing, to start the fencing work on the Northern Bypass to make the entry and exit routes of the city efficient.

Accelerate and complete the work of Ghotki, Kundhkot bridge, start development work in both banks of the river Indus, especially in Rawanti to Jamro and Gudu to Garhi Tegho area, to resolve tribal disputes in Kacha areas to dignitaries Add to cover the social aspect of also.

The President directed Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi to develop effective coordination for tripartite governance between Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan.

The Chief Minister said that 200 police stations out of 618 police stations have been approved for repair.

Sindh government should inform all parents against drugs, I have reports that drugs have reached schools which is intolerable, we have to protect our children from drugs.

Strict action should be taken against whoever is involved in the kidnapping in Kacha Methu in the situation.

The President of the State gave clear orders to the Chief Minister of Sindh that I have no tolerance on occupation of lands, I will not allow occupation of lands under any circumstances, take special measures for the safety of the Chinese.

The Sindh government will provide whatever arms and other facilities it needs from the federation.

Senior Minister of State for Transport and Narcotics Sharjeel Memon briefed the President on the drug operation.

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