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In Greece, Pakistani youth killed in dispute, one injured, 25 people arrested

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Athens (Newsdesk) A 19-year-old Pakistani youth was stabbed to death during a clash between the Butt and Gujjar communities on the popular Greek island of Mykonos.

According to Greek newspaper reports, the incident took place behind a nightclub on the island, and involved around 25 Pakistani nationals, with the two victims having been stabbed At least seven of those are expected are being held in custody charged with gun, drug and alien law violations.

The conflict was caused by an Indian boy’s quarrel between the Butt and Gujjar communities. A young man from the community of Butte lost his life, while another person is in a serious condition in hospital According to sources, personal enmity at work led to the dispute, but the Greek media points to it as a drug problem on the Pakistani community who lives on Mykonos Island.

Seven Pakistanis are under investigation, including four Indians, who have been arrested in connection with the case Police officers were checking the island’s port and airport to find and arrest the perpetrators of the murder.

The local security directorate has started a preliminary investigation into the case After the incident, the Pakistani community living in Greece says that such incidents bring disrepute to the country and the community. They demand that everyone involved in this incident be severely punished according to Greek laws.

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