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Indian slogan ready to get Babar Azam out

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The preparations for the India-Pakistan match are anywhere and at any time, except for the two teams, the fans also start several days in advance.

The teams of the two countries have not played cricket for many years due to political and mutual relations, that’s why whenever there is a match between Pakistan and India in a major tournament, the fans of both countries, including the world, are very enthusiastic in defending their respective teams And they come forward with excitement.

The fans always get to see something unique in the match between India and Pak and this time also it has happened.

Indian fans have prepared a slogan for captain Babar Azam before the match against Pakistan, to which the Indian wicket-keeper batsman has also given his response.

According to Indian media, the fans have prepared a slogan that says ‘Tel Lagao Dabur Ka, Wicket Love Babar Ka’.

According to Indian media, Indian wicketkeeper batsman Rishabh Pant has also expressed his opinion on this sentence.

Speaking on Indian television, Rishabh Pant said that the emotions of both countries are often seen in India-Pakistan matches.

He smiled at the phrase and said it made the competition more interesting.

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