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Malakand, protest against taxes in Sakhakot, slogans of tax refusal

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Web Desk: A protest march was held in Sakhakot against the imposition of taxes in Malakand district. The march was led by Muttahida Trade Union President Tahir Akbar.
According to sources, people from all over the region took part in the procession. During the march slogans were raised against tax in Malakand.
It should be remembered that all the business centers closed in protest during this period.
The march later turned into a protest rally which was addressed by President Tahir Akbar and other speakers.
The speakers said that Malakand is a backward area that has already suffered from terrorism, floods, earthquakes and unemployment. Because of these disasters, the people still could not stand on their feet.
He said that the state has not provided incentives to the people of Malakand in terms of law and order, employment, mega projects and development, while the wounds of the residents are being rubbed with salt by imposing taxes.
The protesters said that the people of Malakand will not surrender in front of this cruel treatment.
On this occasion, those who took part in the protest reiterated their decision that the protest will continue until the government withdraws its proposals.
It should be remembered that during the protest march against taxes in Malakand district, slogans of disapproval of taxes were raised.

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