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My body composition is different due to medical issues, Mathira replied to critics

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Karachi (Newsdesk) Model, actress and TV host Mathira has reacted sharply to those who criticized her body shape, claiming that her body shape is different due to medical problems.

The video of the actress giving a sharp reply to the critics and YouTubers making inappropriate comments on her size went viral on social media.

In a viral video on social media, a stylish Dr Umeer himself can be heard and seen commenting on Mathira’s size.

The person in question makes inappropriate comments about Mathira’s size, claiming that the model has not had fillers or Botox, but something else.

At the same time, that person is also seen making funny comments about women’s size and inappropriate manners.

Mathira also reacted to the video of him inappropriately talking about Jasamat going viral and called his comment as nonsense.

In her response, Mathira wrote that she was disappointed and embarrassed that two people made inappropriate comments about her size.

He also claimed that he had other medical problems including thyroid, because his body structure had changed.

According to her, medical problems and complications are responsible for her weight, but having two men comment on her size is not only embarrassing but also a bad way to attract attention.

Mathira further wrote that she is proud of her weight and body shape and that she is proud of all such women but some ignorant men will not understand this and it is a failed attempt to get people’s attention by talking about women’s size.

Even before the above issue, Mathira has discussed her height and weight several times and she has also said earlier that due to some medical complications, her weight is increasing and she has also undergone surgeries to remove fat from her body.

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