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On the 160th day of Israeli attacks, the number of Palestinians martyred reached 31,341

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Amidst ongoing hostilities, the official media office in Gaza has released a statement marking the 160th day of attacks by Israel, shedding light on the harrowing toll inflicted on Palestinian civilians.

Reports from Arab media outlets, citing official Gaza sources, detail the staggering human cost of the conflict, accusing Israeli forces of perpetrating genocide on a shocking scale. Allegedly, Israeli actions have resulted in over 2,761 instances of genocide in Gaza alone.

According to figures provided by the official Gaza media, the grim aftermath of these attacks is evident in the staggering number of Palestinian lives lost. Shockingly, the bodies of 31,341 Palestinians, including 13,790 children and 9,100 women, have been delivered to hospitals as casualties of Israeli aggression.

In addition to the tragic loss of life, reports from the Palestinian Ministry of Information indicate that Israel has further tightened its grip on access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a revered site in Jerusalem. Access to the mosque has been restricted to permit holders and individuals with magnetic cards, a move viewed as a blatant attempt to control and limit Palestinian presence in the holy site. Furthermore, the deployment of 3,000 police officers around the mosque underscores the heightened tensions and the erosion of basic freedoms in the region.

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