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Road and Path (Engaging Story) –

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There was a village. A road passed by the village which connected the village to the city. The road was paved, asphalt. It was built by expert engineers after regular planning. Small motorbikes, bullock carts, tanks, bicycles used to pass through. The road was very proud of its usefulness.

A path also passed the road. The path was not as impressive as the road. There was only an uneven road through which the villagers went to their homes or their fields, to cut trees in the forest, to collect fruit, it was not controlled by anyone. Only people started walking, the path was made. Going far ahead, this path was divided into small and large paths.

Sometimes the path runs parallel to the road, sometimes it goes away from it, and then turns around and runs along the side of the road. One day the haughty way told her: “You don’t look very good walking with me, I am wide, bright with lace, you are thin, rough, colorless, boring.”

Whatever the path said, it was true. Then he said the way, “Don’t know why people like you?” They take your support to reach the destination.

Pagdandi considered silence appropriate, even if she did say what would she say? His silence, echoing down the road, spoke louder.

“Don’t you understand what I’m saying?” After all, what is the need for a network of rough and uneven paths like you, my free arms?

Pathandi had to break her silence, saying, “I also don’t understand why the villagers appreciate me so much. Earlier, a couple of people used to pass by. Now I am busy day and night. I came into existence without any plan.

”and what? It is made without any design, so it is not beautiful or precise. Look at me, the government has done it for me by spending a lot of money on regular planning. Then I did not become myself like flies and dogs. I am an example of the skills of highly competent engineers. I am the fruit of the labor of hundreds of craftsmen, I was made out of necessity, I am the embodiment of the government’s dreams.

“Under necessity, I have become a way sister.” The path opposed the road for the first time. Until now she had come to listen to his lap rants in silence. “Where you do not come to work, I come to work, and work is taken from me.” Where the sword fails, the needle does. I needed me and I will.”

“What did you say?” said the street with a lamp, “You come to work where I don’t come to work?” Are you going to equal me? Look at your form.

At the same time, a large truck stopped on the road. In fact, there was a bridge on the road in front of her that was being repaired and a board was placed to prevent heavy trucks and buses from crossing the bridge. The driver and conductor got down from the lorry, followed by all the passengers. See all the travelers turn to the path. The path went under the bridge and joined the paved road. As the passengers disembarked, the driver took over the lorry and took it across the bridge, the passengers crossed the footpath to the lorry and the lorry moved on.

The road, which was talking loudly a while ago, sadly said, “Sister Path! for giving me.”

“Sister way!” said the path cheerfully. What is the point of forgiveness in this? Sometimes the smallest thing is understood late. This incident made it clear that where a paved road does not work, a dirt track can be used. And there I will definitely say that it is not necessary that big things are useful everywhere and all the time. Everyone wants to be of service to others. This is the life.”

(Author: Bano Sartaj)


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