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The American photographer became an overnight star with his accidental photographs

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Photos courtesy of Foreign Media

A random photo taken by an American photographer named Michael Sanchez made him an overnight star.

According to foreign media reports, Michael Sanchez from Vancouver, Washington, USA, is fond of photography.

During a break from work, he decided to experiment with his new camera and drove to Hugh Point, Oregon to take pictures.

Meanwhile, he accidentally took several photos of a rock blue thrush and shared the photos on his social media, not knowing that it was a rare bird.

About a week after the photos were shared, the middle school’s brand director, Michael Sanchez, became a star because of the photos.

An ornithologist associated with the Oregon Bird Society contacted them and informed them of the cuckoo’s specialty.

He told the keen photographer that this bluebird is rare in America, it is found in East Asian regions, but was first seen in North America in 1997.

According to photography enthusiast Michael Sanchez, he had never been interested in birds but saw the bird for the first time and was inspired by its beauty to take pictures.

He says it is surprising to see how much interest people have in this bird.

According to the American newspaper, this bird was once seen on the beach of San Francisco 4 days after this incident, before this bird was also seen here in January at the beginning of this year.

According to experts associated with the Oregon Bird Alliance, it is not yet known how this bird arrived here from the East Asian states. However, the process of verifying the photos and location of this bird has begun.

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