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The case of finding the bodies of 4 newborn babies in the refrigerator in America became a mystery

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Photo courtesy of Foreign Media

The case of finding the bodies of 4 newborn babies in a woman’s freezer in America did not go ahead and became a mystery.

According to foreign media, the Suffolk District Attorney, Kevin Hayden, has said that no charges have been brought against a woman in the case of finding the bodies of 4 children in the freezer of a Boston apartment in 2022.

Kevin Hayden described the investigation into the case as complex, unusual and disturbing, saying that we have some answers but many of the answers to this case will probably never be found.

He said the 69-year-old woman Alexis Aldamer could be prosecuted for several reasons.

Kevin Hayden has said in his statement that it was not known where or when the four children who were found dead in Alexis Aldamer’s flat were born, nor is it known whether these four children were born alive or dead

“We have not been able to find out why the woman hid the pregnancy or why she chose to do that,” he said.

Further DNA testing identified the children’s possible father as a man who died in 2011, Kevin Hayden said.

He said investigators also determined that the woman had 5 children with the children’s father. When the mother was questioned at the hospital, she appeared shocked and worried.

According to American media, the bodies of the children were found in the freezer of an apartment in Boston, a man called the police and said that his wife found these bodies while cleaning my sister’s apartment.

According to the media in America, the researchers say that the bodies found of 2 sons and 2 daughters show that DNA tests show that the four children are siblings.

According to American media, the bodies were packed in shoe boxes and frozen. At the time of a medical examination, authorities were unable to determine whether the babies had been born alive or how long their bodies had been in the freezer.

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