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The IMF Executive Board meeting is expected to approve the $1.1 billion tranche for Pakistan tomorrow

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A meeting of the Executive Board of the IMF Islamabad (Newsdesk) will be held tomorrow, and the approval of a share of 1.1 billion dollars for Pakistan is expected.

According to Finance Ministry sources, Pakistan’s case will be presented for approval in the Executive Board meeting, after the approval, Pakistan will receive the third and final installment under the Contingency Arrangement Agreement.

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According to the sources, Pakistan has received 1.9 billion dollars from the IMF under the Contingency Arrangement Agreement While in the Contingency Arrangement Agreement, Pakistan implemented the goals set with the IMF and team talks will be held next month.

According to sources in the Ministry of Finance, the IMF delegation will arrive in Pakistan in the middle of next month for discussions under the new loan program.

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