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What are the ramifications and ramifications of BJP MP JP Patel joining Congress?

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After Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) MLA Sita Soren, the daughter-in-law of Shibu Soren’s family, joined the BJP, a significant political shift occurred when BJP MLA Jai Prakashbhai Patel from Mandu joined the Congress.

Hours after Sita Soren’s move to the BJP, Jai Prakashbhai Patel’s decision to join the Congress came as a blow to the BJP. Patel, who was speculated to be appointed as the leader of the BJP Legislature Party, made the surprising switch to the Congress.

Belonging to the Kurmi community, Patel hails from a political family, with his father, late JMM leader Teklal Mehto, being a prominent figure in Mandu. Patel, following in his father’s footsteps, had previously served as a minister in Hemant Soren’s government and had been associated with both the JMM and BJP.

Patel’s entry into the Congress has sparked excitement within the party, especially as it comes shortly after Congress MP Geeta Koda joined the BJP. Patel’s influence among the Kurmi, Kuri, and Mehta communities could potentially impact the political landscape in Jharkhand.

His move to the Congress is seen as a strategic decision, with speculations rife that he might contest in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, potentially challenging the BJP’s stronghold in certain constituencies.

Meanwhile, Patel’s departure has triggered a response from the BJP, with the party initiating steps to terminate his membership under the Tenth Schedule and Disqualification Rules, 2006.

As political dynamics continue to shift in Jharkhand, Patel’s move to the Congress and Sita Soren’s switch to the BJP signal a period of heightened activity and strategic maneuvering ahead of the upcoming elections.

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