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Why are there stones between railway tracks? The reasons are revealed

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When traveling by train, everyone must have wondered why there are so many stones scattered on the railway track.

There are small stones in the middle and on both sides of the railway track and there is an interesting scientific reason behind the presence of these stones on the railway track.

Between the steel tracks of the railway are concrete or wooden planks called sleepers and under and between two layers of stones are placed to hold the concrete or wooden planks in place and Give strength to the railway track.

It is worth noting here that there are no common but special types of stones on the railway track that do not move from their place even due to the heavy weight of the train or the vibration caused by its journey.

One of the reasons for placing stones under and between railway tracks is that when a heavy train passes over the track, its weight is balanced and the ground is not damaged.

Not only this, but by placing these stones, the rainwater does not collect on the railway track, but goes underground, which does not cause pollution.

Similarly, if weeds and trees grow on the railway track, the train may face problems during the journey, but due to the presence of stones, no greenery grows on the railway track.

This method has been used to build railway track for over 200 years and is still very effective.

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