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A volcano spews thousands of dollars worth of gold

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Mount Erebus – Photo courtesy of X

People will surely be surprised to know that Mount Erebus, a volcano located in Antarctica, spews thousands of dollars worth of gold every day.

According to international media reports, 80 grams of gold is extracted from Mount Erebus every day, which is worth 6000 dollars.

The report states that Mount Erebus in Antarctica is one of the most active volcanoes on Earth, spewing gas and steam along with gold.

According to the report, the gold flakes emitted from this volcano along with the gas and steam flames fall about 999 km away from Mount Erebus.

The report warns that if anyone dares to access the gold from this volcano, they should be aware that the temperature there can drop to minus 50 degrees Celsius.

The report also states that according to a 2017 study, there are 138 volcanoes in Antarctica, of which approximately 9 are active, and Mount Erebus is the highest and most famous, with a peak of 3,794 metres.

According to the report, Mount Erebus is located on Ross Island in the Ross Sea, discovered by Captain Sir James Clark Ross in 1841.

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