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Heavy rain in Balochistan, low-lying areas inundated due to floods

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Web Desk: Heavy rains continue in Balochistan with wind, floods in rivers and canals have left low-lying areas under water, houses damaged, all private schools have been closed.
Stormy rain continues in Gwadar, Pasni, Jeoni and other areas, there is a flood situation in the rivers of different rural areas of Gwadar.
GDA said in the statement that the process of removing the water entering the houses has started immediately in the first phase and 10 water tankers, dewatering machines, 2 loaders, 3 actuators have been used in different parts of Gwadar city for maintenance work. I’m busy.
The statement said that Gwadar and the surrounding areas are currently under a heavy rain system.
The administration said that 7 more houses were damaged due to rain in Pisni, 15 houses were damaged due to rain in Pisni in the last 4 days.
In and around Panjgur, rivers overflowed due to rain and low-lying areas were inundated, damaging mud houses.
In Bornala of Balochistan, water has entered Nushki from the flooded areas and the borders and due to the flood, the land connection of the Union Council Post and Anam Bostan with the city has been severed.
Agricultural crops have been destroyed and flat agricultural lands have been badly affected by floods in Nushki, food shortages have arisen in the affected villages of Dak and Anam Bostan.
On the other hand, ADC Chagai said that the survey is being conducted for the third day in the storm-affected areas of the city and so far more than 500 relief materials have been distributed to the victims and affected more than 800 people in the survey, but more surveys are being carried out.
ADC said tents, tents and water coolers distributed in Chagai, Qila Kurd, Pousti have been damaged and livestock have been washed away.
Balochistan Government Spokesman Shahid Rand said that steps are being taken to deal with the unusual situation of rain in Balochistan, 8 people have died and 9 injured in the province so far due to lightning and roofs’ n fall
Shahid Rand said that initial reports of damage have been received, about 40 houses have been damaged due to rain and floods, about 92 houses have been partially damaged, connecting roads have also been damaged in the affected areas.

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