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MQM demands federal intervention on Karachi unrest, Sindh government opposition

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Karachi: Pakistan’s Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has demanded federal intervention on the unrest in Karachi.

MQM leaders demanded the federation’s intervention while holding a press conference. MQM leader Nasreen Jalil said that we are tired of carrying funerals. There is an atmosphere of fear everywhere in the city. What kind of environment do we live in?

Ali Soharri said the problem of street crime is not the problem of MQM. Shame on those ministers who say the law and order situation is better. The families of those who have died should be asked what is happening to them. They will raise their voices in the national and provincial assemblies. It is also the responsibility of the federal government. Is she waiting for more bodies to fall before she gets serious and intervenes? Protests on the streets should not be forced.

On the other hand, the provincial minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah in response to the MQM press conference said that MQM is the loudest in the Karachi operation. Muttahida should not make demands that affect them.

He said the police and Rangers were carrying out targeted operations against street criminals. Muttahida says that those who speak such and such language are committing crimes which are a manifestation of hate politics. Criminals have no language, no religion or nationality. Criminals are enemies of humanity and peace. The Sindh government is better pursuing the cases of street criminals.

Nasir Hussain Shah added that it is surprising that friends of Muttahida want to call the federation against street crime. On the one hand, Muttahida says that the local government system should be strengthened so that local bodies are stable, on the other hand, Muttahida asks the federal government to intervene in provincial affairs.

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