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Pro-Palestine protests continue in America, many students arrested

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Pro-Palestinian protest continues in America, police arrested many students.

According to the American media, the protesters returned to the camp after removing the police barriers at MIT University, at the University of San Diego, the police cleared the protesters’ camps and arrested several people.

Pro-Palestinian protesters were arrested protesting the Met Gala event in New York, while students camped out in solidarity with Palestine at the University of Barcelona.

Demonstrators at the University of Barcelona demanded an end to business relations with Israel, and at the University of Valencia, students protested for the 8th consecutive day.

On the other hand, the students of the University of Madrid also announced to participate in the protests.

Pro-Palestinian protesters protested in Malmö, Sweden Police arrested 125 pro-Palestinian protesters at the University of Amsterdam.

A protest for solidarity with Palestine is also taking place at the University of Belgium.

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