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The capital of the state is still burning Heat

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LAHORE, (UrduPoint News / Pakistan Point – 7th May, 2024) The provincial capital suffered scorching heat as the mercury soared to 40.5°C on Monday.

It was a mostly hot and dry day, although occasional clouds dotted the sky, failing to bring any relief in the form of rain and dissipating along with the hot air blowing across the city.

The rise in temperature affected the population, with reports of people fainting in various locations due to the hot weather. In addition, there has been a marked increase in activity at roadside stalls and shops selling juices and traditional drinks.

Meteorological officials attributed the prevailing weather conditions to continental air masses covering most of the country. They forecast continued hot and dry weather for most regions, with the possibility of occasional light rainstorms and thundershowers in remote areas of Gilgit-Baltistan. Furthermore, they predicted a gradual increase in daytime temperatures in the plains.

Jacobabad recorded the highest maximum temperature of 46°C on Monday, while Lahore experienced a maximum of 40.5°C, with a minimum temperature of 23.6°C.

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