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The captured audio and video message of the judge became public, and the demands of the kidnappers also came out

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Sessions Dera Ismail Khan (ABN News) Judge Shakir, who was abducted by unknown people, released an audio and video message from an unknown location where he said that the kidnapper DI Khan was abducted here from Tonk Road yesterday. this is a jungle and a war situation, they have some demands that my release is not possible until they are fulfilled, this is a message to my family that I am fine but until their demands are fulfilled and i cannot be released, Chief Justice Peshawar High Court, Government of KP, Government of Pakistan.
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The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan demands that their demands be fulfilled as soon as possible so that my release can be made as soon as possible According to the text of the FIR, when the judge’s car reached Yera Tank Road, Graha Gedd Mohabbat Mor, 25 to 30 accused standing there, the accused were armed with heavy weapons and blocked the road with 45 motorbikes Ignited, the judge and the driver got out of the car, the terrorists were tying a cloth over the eyes of the driver the judge and 5 terrorists together with the judge.
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They got into the car, after 40 minutes the car was stopped and the car had reached the forest The terrorists included Marwat, Mehsud, Gandapur and Afghanistan After releasing the driver, the terrorists asked for them to convey their message kept in the prisons, the terrorists will present their demands, if they fulfill, they will release the judge, Varnik will have to suffer serious consequences, the terrorists took the judge on a motorcycle and leave for the forest, 7AT in the FIR A , 149, 148 including other provisions.

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