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The stream of war and the greatness of Modi

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(past continuous)
Pakistan has not only become self-sufficient in the full capacity to make all kinds of modern weapons, but now many countries have also ordered the latest weapons from Pakistan, but the neighboring country India is still afraid though worst spend billions of dollars annually on buying weapons from America, Israel, France, Britain and other countries. now many intellectuals are busy making Modi focus on solving Kashmir issue to avoid this madness and suicide. the special status of Kashmir and declared it a part of India. If so, has India deployed more than 8 lakh police in any of its other areas?
On the other hand, now the first phase of the general elections in India has started from April 19 and still the Indian people and experts are shocked and worried about Modi’s insidious policies and biased anti-Muslim statements in order to win elections again through inciting the sentiments of Hindus against Muslims A clear example of this is that Modi, recently, while addressing a rally in Pushkar, a well-known district in Rajasthan, started giving a decade by calling the Congress’s 2024 election manifesto as one. manifesto under the influence of the Muslim League The conspiracies to divide India have once again started and once again, from the Congress manifesto, India wants to follow the ideas of the Muslim League, which is about to divide India into many parts, and this once again in the conspiracy to dominate Indian minority Muslims who have more children than the Hindus are busy
It is clear from Modi’s biased statement that the face of the Hindu Mahasabha, which emerged as a butcher in the Muslim killing riots in Gujarat, has exposed its face to minorities, that is why it is now calling the Congress manifesto Muslim League – printed manifesto League and Hindu Mahasabha had joined mayoralty in the Lucknow Municipal Corporation elections.
Because Congress for the first time in its Manifesto (Manshuriyaniya Patar) clearly put two or three things openly and bravely, which were generally seen hesitantly in the previous elections, According to Congress, they will defend equality, social justice and minority rights no which depends only on their own caste and Muslim votes, also related to Muslim problems Criminal silence was adopted and fell in front of Hindutva agenda and somewhere she had joined with him, but now for the first time in his. manifesto, the Congress has given important plans and concrete plans for Dalits, tribes and minorities, but for everyone, which the Treasurer of India, Nirmala Sitharaman, has also given to the Congress stating that the manifesto appears to practical and based on reality, he has drawn his party towards such a welfare scheme, and advised them to avoid it, comparing the false propaganda against the Muslim minority to electoral weakness.
Modi has made similar statements before, when he was the chief minister of the state of Gujarat In 2002, during the election campaign for the state assembly, a few months after the Muslim riots in Gujarat, he asked the audience at a rally and was that the government should provide “relief”. Should we run camps? Should we open fertility centres? distorted and a reason for biased treatment against Muslims The fact is that the population of Muslims is decreasing faster than Hindus according to government statistics, but according to the 2011 census, the number of Muslims is decreasing The rate is similar to some other marginalized groups in India. This proves that Modi’s absurd statements are not only based on lies, but that he uses any degree of manipulation to win elections.
Now America needs to try to come out of the current political crisis by giving a proof of political maturity in Pakistan as soon as possible wealth mercilessly and set up their palaces and business empires in foreign countries and sink the country under the burden of debts . Him? Dear compatriots, announcing the implementation of the Quran Believe me, the day we took the first step to keep the promises we made to our Lord, not only the country will be freed from the evil shadows, but the population Muslim in the neighborhood will also have strong support.
At the end of January this year, I had the privilege of going to the Haram by the grace of Allah I was sitting in the Prophet’s Mosque for the Asr prayer, when suddenly a Muslim brother from Rajasthan, India, sat next to me and recognized me. me and my brother General (R) Ghulam Mustafa. Yes, our sufferings will end in India so much, that our lives and property are not now safe still makes my heart beat irregularly.

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