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An illegal trial of the Al-Qadir trust case will be put before the court, Barrister Gohar

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Web Desk: PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan said that the illegal trial in the case of Al-Qadir Trust will be kept before the court, if there are negotiations, they will never hide it, no negotiations are held.
Barrister Gohar Ali Khan speaking to the media outside Adiala Jail said that the hearing of the Al-Qadir Trust case was held today, the media was not allowed to enter during the hearing, this is all happened illegally and unconstitutionally.
Barrister Guhar Ali Khan said that the case of Al-Qadir Trust is a case of political revenge, the founder of PTI expressed serious concerns about the Bahawalnagar incident, there is the law of the jungle in the country, when the doors of the house of the founder of PTI were broken, someone does not apologize.
He further said that for three months we have been asking the Supreme Court to hear the petition for our cases to be set up to be heard, our petition has not been heard yet.
PTI Chairman said that if there are talks, they will never hide it People will be responsible.
Barrister Gohar said that we have always said that there should be dialogue, we have an alliance with six parties, we are not having any dialogue with any organization, PTI founder has never spoken against any organization.

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