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Apple introduced the new iPad Pro

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California: The technology giant Apple has introduced its latest iPad Pro with a new chip designed for artificial intelligence (AI) computing According to analysts, the company plans to put this chip in tablets instead of Mac laptops opportunity for makers to create AI-related software ahead of next month’s annual Software Developers Conference Apple said the iPad Pro (the company’s relatively expensive model) will get an upgraded display. The 11-inch model will cost $1,000 while the 13-inch model will cost $1,300. These tabs will come with an M4 chip with a ‘nerve engine’. This part of the chip is specifically designed for computing necessary for AI features such as text or image creation. Neural machines have been in Apple’s chips since 2017, but rival companies such as Intel and Qualcomm have competing technologies called neural processing units (NPUs) for PCs The company announced the device was introduced at a ceremony on Tuesday .

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