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Foods that look healthy but should be kept away from children

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There are many foods that appear healthy in shops and stores but should be kept away from children.

Half-cooked or fruit juices or flavored milk and yogurt are considered good and healthy for children but in reality they can be the most dangerous for children.

According to experts, these products and their packaging look good and the contents inside look good for children’s health, but they can be harmful to children because of artificial colours, chemicals and sweeteners.

According to experts, eating these things can increase the risk of obesity and other diseases including diabetes in children.

The packaging of children’s breakfast cereals or porridge etc. is very colorful and designed which attracts children and parents to buy it.

The next time your child asks you to buy them, read the label carefully and choose a product that is low in sugar and high in other nutrients, experts say.

Yoghurt is very useful for children, but if the child does not eat it or does not like it, parents find ways to get it into the child’s stomach by other means.

There are many flavored yogurts on the market that children love because of their sweetness, color and taste, but the high amount of sugar and color they contain can be dangerous.

According to experts, plain yogurt and fresh fruit with a little sugar for a light taste are the best substitutes for flavored yogurt available in the market.

Packed fruit juices in markets and shops also contain hidden amounts of sugar.

Apparently it’s a healthy drink. Naturally occurring sugars, even in 100 percent fruit juice, can lead to overeating if consumed in large quantities, says Dr Khanna.

Also, lots of sugar, chemicals and artificial colors in other things including biscuits and chocolates can be harmful to children and adults.

So, when shopping for food, read the label carefully and choose foods that are low in sugar and high in natural ingredients.

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