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Indonesia, both pilots fell asleep, the plane turned around

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In a concerning incident, two pilots aboard a passenger plane in Indonesia reportedly fell asleep during the flight, resulting in the aircraft veering off course.

According to foreign media reports, the incident occurred during a domestic flight of Batik Airlines in Indonesia back in January. At the time, the plane was carrying 153 passengers and 4 crew members.

Fortunately, despite the alarming situation, the plane was safely landed. An initial investigation into the incident revealed that both the pilot and co-pilot had fallen asleep simultaneously aboard an Airbus A320 aircraft during a flight from Sulawesi to Jakarta on January 25.

It was disclosed that one of the pilots had not had adequate rest the night prior to the flight. Approximately 30 minutes after takeoff, the pilot requested permission from the co-pilot to rest briefly, during which both individuals dozed off. Consequently, control of the aircraft momentarily slipped away.

After approximately 28 minutes, the pilot woke up to realize the co-pilot was also asleep, and the plane had deviated from its intended course. Swift action was taken to rectify the situation, with the co-pilot rousing from sleep to correct the flight path in response to calls from Jakarta, averting potential disaster.

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