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Modi falsely claims that the Congress manifesto promises to ‘reserve Muslims in government contracts’.

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Fact Check: Consciously ignoring the Congress manifesto, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is inciting Hindu voters against Muslims.

Narendra Modi. (Photo courtesy: PIB)

New Delhi: Addressing an election rally in Gujarat’s Surendranagar on May 2, the Prime Minister has once again made an anti-Muslim statement, which has become an integral part of his election campaign. In a new allegation against the Congress party, he said that if he comes into power, he will create a special quota where government contracts will be given to Muslims.

The Prime Minister said, the ‘Congress’ election manifesto is full of appeasement, appeasement and appeasement. Today I will tell you something about his manifesto that will surprise you. He has said in his manifesto. My journalistic brothers will also be surprised to hear this. He has said in writing…that government tenders will now be held…in this tender too, a quota will be set for the minorities—Muslims. So will reservations based on religion be introduced in government contracts?’

Modi added that since the country became independent, there is a fixed process of awarding government tenders. Whoever applies correctly and has a good track record will get the contract. Contracts are not awarded on the basis of caste and religion. He claimed that the Congress was still talking about awarding contracts on the basis of religion to its ‘vote bank’.

But what is the basis of Modi’s claim? Does the Congress manifesto for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections really propose to introduce a quota for Muslims in government contracts?


The Congress election manifesto mentions such public contracts in two places.

First Page 6, Paragraph 8;

The scope of public procurement policy will be expanded to award more public works contracts to contractors belonging to the SC and ST community.

Page 8, para 6;

We will ensure that minorities have a fair share of opportunities in education, health, employment, public works contracts, skills development, sports and cultural activities without any discrimination.

It is clear that the Congress is saying that it will ‘give more public works contracts to contractors from the SC and ST community. On the issue of minorities, the party says it will ensure that ‘minorities…get their fair share in public works contracts…without any discrimination.’

There is no mention of a fixed quota for minorities or Muslims anywhere in the manifesto. It is only said that the Congress will ensure ‘adequate share’ for minorities without any ‘discrimination’. Another paragraph promises to ensure that banks will provide institutional loans to minorities without discrimination. Muslims in India often face this problem. But maybe Modi can claim in his future speeches, “Congress promises ‘quota for bank loans too’.”

A promise to give minorities a ‘fair share of opportunities’ without discrimination does not mean setting quotas for them. Consider, the Sachar Committee report revealed that Muslims face discrimination in employment, education, housing and financial support. A subsequent report submitted by Professor Amitabh Kundu to the Modi government in October 2014 also mentioned this fact.

The Kundu panel specifically stated that quotas are ‘one of many tools to tackle widespread, systemic discrimination in society’ and called on the government to ‘focus on promoting diversity and preventing discrimination’ social justice so far the government Modi has failed to implement her recommendations.

Muslim entrepreneurs need equal opportunity, and the Congress manifesto seems to promise to provide that. How could Modi not see this in the Congress manifesto.

The Congress manifesto worries them. But he is a shrewd politician, and he knew that if he attacked the ‘government tender’ promises made by the Congress party, he would risk alienating SC and ST voters. So they deliberately started misleading people on the issue of quota for Muslims.

As the elections progress, Modi’s fake speeches targeting the Muslim community in search of Hindu votes are increasing. The Electoral Commission has a pile of complaints but no action has been taken on them.

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