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The largest elevator in the world, 235 people can ride together

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Finnish elevator company KONE installed the world’s largest passenger elevator in a shopping mall in Mumbai (India) in 2022, which can accommodate 235 people.

The elevator, about the size of a studio flat, weighs 16 tonnes and is supported by 9 steel cables, and can transport 235 people at the same time to and from the top floor of the building.

The company has designed a lift so large that this modern convention center can accommodate large groups of people, usually for weddings or exhibitions.

The highlight of this amazing 25.78 Sq.mtr design and engineering masterpiece is the stunning views around the complex and the beautiful garden elevator that can be seen during the tour.

The world’s largest elevator relies on an innovative pulley beam system consisting of 18 large pulleys, 9 steel cables and fixed rails on top of steel columns.

The company has not disclosed its price, but it has been set by Reliance Industries, India’s largest private sector company, so it can be assumed that its price will be quite high.

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