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The Modi government is trying to hide independent India’s biggest fraud: the Congress

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Supriya Shrineet said that Modi government has captured the mainstream media where Modi-Modi is happening day and night, now Modi government is trying to shut YouTube channel and digital platform.

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Supriya Shrineet, photo@INCIndia

The Congress has strongly opposed the Election Commission’s directive to delete social media posts related to the electoral bond scam. The Congress said the Modi government was trying to cover up independent India’s biggest fraud. Addressing a press conference at the Congress headquarters in New Delhi, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrineet said that the social media platform ‘X’ shared news that it had been directed by the Election Commission to remove posts 4 Links. In this regard, the Congress has expressed its displeasure.

It is worth noting that X shared the news above and wrote that we do not want to hinder freedom of expression but since we have received this directive, we have to do so. In this regard, Supriya Shrineet said that if a person makes hate speech, uses religion or makes offensive comments against a person, it is definitely against the election code of conduct. The Election Commission has every right to delete such posts, but the deleted post was talking about electoral bonds which Prime Minister Modi is trying his best to hide. Electoral bond is independent India’s biggest scam. BJP was running a collection racket through electoral bond scheme. Its complete outline is in front of everyone. The question is, why was the Electoral Commission of the opinion that the Electoral Bond was unacceptable?

A Congress spokesperson said that the Modi government has made the mainstream media its mouthpiece. In order to put the government in the dock, the media does not even talk about the burning issues. So social media and digital platforms have become stronger, but the government also prevents them from raising burning issues. The Modi government’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting tried to suppress the farmers’ movement in February. The social media accounts of grassroots leaders like Harpal Singh Sangha, who support Kisan Tehreek, were closed. Along with this, the links of journalists who covered the farmers’ movement impartially were also suspended. YouTube recently shut down the ‘Bolta Hindustan’ channel and sent notices to other channels. But if situations like EVMs are discussed, then the money for such videos is stopped. Today, anyone who talks about the dark deeds of the Modi government is harassed.

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrineet continued her point and said that the Modi government has captured the mainstream media where Modi-Modi is happening day and night. Now Modi government is trying to shut YouTube channels and digital platforms as there is no foothold. This is happening at a time when the Madras High Court has stayed two provisions of the Indian IT Act. This is very worrying as it is a matter of ending ‘Shadowban’ and ‘Reach’ which is a direct attack on people’s source of income.

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