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The Prime Minister’s announcement to impose an educational crisis in the country

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Web Desk: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif while announcing a nationwide educational emergency operation has said that the Supreme Leader has said that education is a matter of life and death for the nation.
Addressing the National Education Conference in Islamabad, the Prime Minister said that no nation can develop without education, today a very important event is being held here, not going to school is a big challenge for 26 million children in Pakistan .
He said that stunting is a big problem in Pakistan, financial resources are needed for promoting education and he is also facing the problem but the biggest challenge is to have courage to achieve these goals.
The Prime Minister said that Pakistan is a nuclear country, we became a nuclear country despite external pressure, terrorism is a big challenge for the country, the nation has sacrificed 80 thousand lives in the war against terrorists, Pakistan has developed many opportunities to turn the path, the development of any nation is linked to education.
Shahbaz Sharif further said that we ended forced labor in Punjab between 2008 and 2018 and gave money for education to parents of child workers Quality has improved, everyone knows about Danish schools that poor children get education there.
The Prime Minister said that we have established vocational institutions in Punjab with the support of the British government In 2008, the Education Endowment Fund was established in Punjab, which is the largest education fund in the region meaning going to school.
We used to allocate 2 million rupees every year in this fund and under this scholarship 4 lakh 50 thousand students were given, I as the Chief Minister of Punjab arrange educational and uniform scholarships for children.
He said I am not doing this for scoring points, I will enroll 2.6 million children in schools, I will declare an educational crisis in Pakistan, I will meet all the Prime Ministers, there can be no role of education, there can be no industry.’ t run without education.
Speaking at the event earlier, British High Commissioner Jane Marriott said that Pakistan is concerned about the large number of children who are out of school.
He said that we are concerned about the large number of children who are out of school in Pakistan, there are more children who are out of school in Pakistan than other countries, policies should be formulated to promote education in Pakistan.
He said that the number of children out of school hours is increasing worldwide, we must invest more in the education sector.

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