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Those times of the day when traffic was directed not to challenge

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DIG Traffic Ahmed Nawaz has issued orders in Karachi that no traffic officer will issue traffic tickets from 5 pm to Iftar time. During this period, traffic should be kept flowing smoothly to facilitate citizens returning home for Iftar. Instead of issuing tickets, officers are instructed to warn violators and guide them to ensure compliance with traffic rules.

Special emphasis has been placed on preventing one-way violations as they contribute to accidents and disrupt traffic flow in Karachi. Additionally, parking near road bends is prohibited to ensure safety. Officers are required to wear body cameras, and they are not allowed to stand together to prevent any misconduct. Furthermore, motorcyclists are instructed to use the left lane, and vehicles parked illegally will be towed away at specific times.

DIG Traffic has warned of departmental action against officers involved in misbehavior or conflicts during duty. These measures aim to enhance traffic management and ensure a safer environment for commuters in Karachi.

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