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Krishna rejoices that Mama has reached her sister’s wedding

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Mumbai (Newsdesk) Bollywood actor Govinda forgot the quarrel and attended his niece’s wedding, which made comedian Krishna Abhishek happy.

Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja have been fighting with Krishna and his wife Kashmira Shah for the past 8 years, but Krishna got a big surprise when his sister Aarti Singh’s wedding took place in Mumbai yesterday.

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The Bollywood actor surprised everyone by entering Krishna’s sister’s wedding wearing a black suit, seeing which Krishna Abhishek was very happy and said that he was very happy to see Mama Agai.

Remember that Govinda and Krishna’s relationship has been going bad for 8 years, they don’t even talk to each other, at one point comedian Kapil Sharma even left the show on the occasion of Govinda’s arrival.

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