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Amazing benefits of sleeping in longer on holiday

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A new study has revealed a surprising benefit of sleeping in longer on holiday.

Most people like to sleep more on holiday, and a study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that people who sleep longer on holiday are less likely to suffer from illnesses such as depression.

Data from about 8,000 people were studied for this research at Central South China University.

Data collected from these individuals included a questionnaire about depressive symptoms and sleep.

The results of this study showed that around 50 per cent of people used to sleep longer than usual on holiday.

According to the results, people who slept an extra hour or two on a day off had a 46% lower risk of developing depression.

Research has also revealed that people who sleep less than 6 hours on a normal day face a higher risk of developing depression, but sleeping longer on holiday helps them avoid this problem.

Researchers said depression is the most common mental disorder and affects millions of people worldwide.

He further said that an extra 2 hours of sleep on holiday benefits the brain and helps prevent depression.

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