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Several Indian Airlines crew members ‘suddenly ill’, 86 flights canceled

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Imagine that you want to travel by plane and have already bought the ticket, but on arrival at the airport you know that the flight has been canceled due to the illness of the crew, what will happen?

This was seen in India where several airline staff suddenly disappeared on sick leave.

86 flights of the Air India Express company were canceled due to the illness of several members of the cabin crew.

According to Indian media, a large number of the airline’s staff went on vacation together due to which flight traffic was affected.

According to the report, 300 senior staff members reported the illness at the last opportunity and then switched off their mobile phones as well.

The airline is currently trying to contact the staff who are protesting against the new terms of employment.

According to sources, it is possible that the absence of employees who report sudden illness is part of the protest.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the airline apologized to passengers saying, “We are contacting the crew and trying to understand the reason.”

According to Indian media, Air India Express staff say they are not being treated equally after the company’s merger with the Tata Group.

They claim that despite clearing the interviews, some members of staff were offered lower positions.

According to him, the important benefits of the salary package have been removed or reduced while efforts are being made to stifle voices of protest.

It should be noted that the process of merging Air India Express and Air Asia India is still ongoing.

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